When hyperacidity strikes

Hyperacidity, also called acid re-flux, heartburn or acid dyspepsia is a common dietary disorder that af­fects more than 25% of the urban population whose eating habits have greatly been affected by the fast pace of the city. Treating hyperacid­ity may be easy with hundreds of antacid preparations but controlling it is another story. One has to know that the severity and susceptibility of a person to acid reflux depends on his/her tolerance and genetic backgrounds. But however mild or severe the acid reflux is, controlling hyperacidity maybe the best secret revelead ever learn to be able to cope with, alleviate the sufferings and probably prolong one’s life!

B-je Gillego Tan, Filipina Skin Therapist and Make-up ArtistI have had hyperacidity since I was a child and this was one of my mother’s worst nightmares. Symp­toms included regurgitation, nau­sea, burning pain on the stomach or belly button area, which eventually led to headaches and “debilitating” migraines. I cannot figure out what to do because there would be gas­tric discomfort when I am hungry and another episode of excruciating pain after eating. Sour aftertastes disgusts me and drinking pop even with full stomach triggers it big time. Lately, I have had chest pains that I thought were heart attacks. This are the reasons why I nibble or snack out every hour thinking that this is the best way to prevent an episode. It doesn’t usually so and the extra calories I take all get accumulated somewhere I hate them to be! Do I even deserve this? No. Can I do something about this? I say, defi­nitely yes. I have had enough of this problem knowing that I have over­loaded my liver with the medica­tions for more than 30 years. Now it is time to focus on finding ways to avoid acid attacks, the natural way and simplistic way.
I believe, as I researched on rem­edies, that there is one good strate­gy to prevent hyper acidity and most of all the other common and serious illnesses:

The body is 70% water and 30% matter. One of the most exciting dis­coveries of science has been the ef­fect some foods have on the body’s acid-alkaline pH levels when digest­ed. The body has a natural way of balancing the pH of the body fluids but most people’s diet is mainly from the acidic food group which tends to go beyond healthy levels. A body that is more acidic tends to have more health challenges and one will never feel as good as one would like to be. People work out and try to eat right, but without the realization that most western and Asian diet is acid-pro­ducing, from fast food to fine dining foods. Whether the food is served on a paper plate or expensive fine china, most dishes unfortunately are 80% acidic. When a body is too acidic, acidic wastes accumulate. Organs tend to malfunction and breakdown. An acidic body creates a breeding ground for different forms of chronic disease that are now experienced by more than half the population in­cluding cancer. And when there is something wrong with the body, the skin unfortunately may be the reflec­tion. Skin problems could arise from acidity.

How do we control the acidity?
1. Carefully choose the food that you eat. Certain foods are called “ acid reflux triggers”. People who ex­perience heartburn in the morning should limit the intake of citrus fruits. Orange juice is a popular breakfast beverage but should be avoided by people like me especially with empty stomach.
Meats like hotdog, ham or pork, tuna and canned sardines can cause discomfort for some people be­cause processed foods are generally very acidic. I had sardines and white bread for breakfast and lunch last Sunday (it was so good) but I had to lay down because I was nauseous and felt so sick. Other foods like dairy products, grains, fats, some oil and esp. carbonated beverages are acidic too. Carbon dioxide is con­verted to carbonic acid once inside the stomach and causes acid reflux.
Sweets, chocolates, cookies, mi­crowave meals, canned foods, pow­dered soups, instant meals, fast food and spicy foods are also considered to stimulate acid; while calcium like those in milk, cheese, creams, yo­gurt, ice cream, dairy smoothies and eggs trigger release of gastric juices that it is most ad‑
vised to be consumed with discretion. My mother used to give me hot glass of milk when I had acidity attacks when I was young. No wonder the pain lingered and had always worsened the situation.

There are acidic vegetables like raw onions. Most meats like pork, lamb, beef, chicken, turkey, crustaceans, other shelled seafood are acidic too. Alcohols, coffee, tea, beer, spirits, fruit juices, traditional teas are also ad vised against indiacid reflux. Don’t forget the peanuts, cashew nuts, pistachio nuts that go perfectly well with beer. They are all acidic and believe me, eating these nuts did not spare me from painful arthritic cramps on my knees and both my hands. If a person regularly drinks, smokes or uses drugs for pleasure or medication, acidity level shoots up too.

Other food items like white pasta, white bread, vinegar, wholemeal bread, biscuits, soy sauce, tamari, condiments like to­mato sauce, may­onnaise, etc) arti­ficial sweeteners, honey, saturated fats, hydrogenated oils, margarine (worse than butter), corn oil, vegetable oil, sunflower oil are all acidic. Acidity levels of each item vary, from low acid to high acid. Use your judgment and balance the acidic food you are go­ing to prepare with something alka­line.
Avoiding acidic food will certainly yield success in weight loss pro­grams, because there is literally no more food to eat! On a serious note, alkalizing your diet really is a very logical way to lose weight! There are so many undesir­able skin condi­tions that result from weight gain. If you have problems with your skin and weight management, come and visit for a free consult.

2. Try to drink alkaline ionized water if ever you are accessible to a machine. Alkaline ionized water, aside from being antioxidant, will help neutralize the acidity in our body thereby promoting better health and relief from aches and pains. I bought a Digital Platinum Ionizer very re­cently and I have been very happy with what is happening to my body. I have been monitoring the progress
and how effectively I controlled my acidity for 2 weeks now. As soon as I felt sick from the sardines breakfast, I drank a liter of alkaline water right away to offset the acidity. It quickly made me feel a lot better! What I want to prove in the next few days is whether migraine occurrence will be prevented.
My house is open to all my friends and clients who want to “fetch” some water from the machine (lunch or dinner excluded!!). I will do anything for better skin and general health.

3. Try to relax amidst the roller-coaster of responsibilities and challenges of daily survival. Stress causes acidity in our body. Acne, aside from being hormonal, may be emotionally triggered or a reaction from stress. Acidity in our body causes stress, but stress could cause acidity too. If acidity and stress are controlled, there is a good chance that acne may improve. It’s like chicken and egg, eh? OMG, nakakaloka ... ! (Its crazy!) To lessen acidity and wrinkles, start each day with the motto to CHILL OUT!

4. Do not over exercise your body. Lactic acid that is produced when muscles are too tensed or tired is an additional acid overload and will lead to pH imbalance. If you do, try to get enough rest, drink up and watch your diet. Try taking an antioxidant Cherry Montmorency Concentrate juice that is an antioxidant drink and a natural source of melatonin. It will help you rest and support cellular, cardiovascular and joint health. Moderate exercise is ideal with lots of sweating because it is the body’s natural way to release acidity and balance the body’s pH level.

5. Try to find supplements that will help neutralize the acid. A perfect example is the whey protein drink that I am taking that promotes producion of glutathione and optimizes pH balance. It is an antioxidant, immune system booster, and detoxifier. It increases energy levels and endurance and is so good for the prevention of calcium loss, and maintenance of proper muscle strength. And the best of all, it is ANTI-AGING.
While it may be difficult for some people to find fresh alkaline ionized water to neutralize the acidity in their body, it would be helpful to scrutinize the acidity of the food source before eating them. The following food items are Alkaline Foods for everyone’s quick reference. Take note though that a food may be alkaline but always check if you have allergies to any on the list or if your doctor says you avoid them.
Vegetables: Asparagus, Artichokes, Cabbage, Lettuce, Onion, Cauliflower, Radish, Lettuce,Peas, Courgette, Red Cabbage, Leeks, Watercress, Spinach,Turnip,Chives, Carrot, Green Beans, Beetroot, Garlic, Celery, Grasses (wheat, straw, barley, dog, kamut etc.) Cucumber, Broccoli, Kale, Brussels sprouts
Fats & Oil : Flax, Hemp,Avocado,Olive, Evening Primrose, Borage, Coconut oil, Oil blends_
Fruits: Lime, Avocado, Tomato, Grapefruit,Watremelon (neutral pH), Rhubarb
Drinks: Green drinks or shakes,Fresh Vegetable juice, Pure water, Ionized water, Limed water, Herbal Tea, Home cooked vegetable broth, Non-sweetened Soy Milk, Almond Milk Seeds, Nuts , Grains : Almond, Pumpkin, Sunflower,Sesame,Flax ,Buckwheat Groats, Spelt, Lentils, Cumin seeds, Any sprouted seeds
Others: Sprouts (Soy, Alfalfa, Mung Beans, Wheat, Little Radish, Chick Pea, Brocoli, etc.) Bragg Liquid Aminos (Soy sauce alternative) Hummus, Tahini
Is it then generally acceptable to say that majority of the foods that should be avoided because of certain lingering ailments come from the acidic food groups? Avoiding acidic food, honestly, could be very difficult especially with our busy lives. Food-to-go is so convenient and I love fruits especially the sour ones. With all the acidic food that we just cannot totally avoid, I believe eating in moderation will be a good rule to follow. Balancing the intake with some alkaline food items or homemade alkaline water like limed water can help.
With the regular intake of ionized water, the whey protein, moderate exercise and alkalizing my diet, I hope I could add more “quality” years to my life to enjoy simple pleasures with my family. You can do this too!