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Alzheimer Awareness Month

terry-lakeThere are up to 70,000 British Columbians living with Alzheim­er’s disease or a related dementia and as our baby boomer popula­tion continues to age, this number is expected to grow. This situation is not unique to British Columbia and is becoming a global epi­demic as recently highlighted at  the G8 Dementia Summit held in London, England. January is Alzheimer aware­ness month and an opportunity to share information and increase awareness about this degenera­tive disease.

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A Halloween Harper cannot forget

harper-editorialThe Senate scandal that has been plagu­ing the Harper government for days on end could not have happened at an oppourtune time – the days leading to Halloween and the Calgary Convention. And as one pundit quipped, this one could not be prorogue! The control freak that is Prime Minister Harper who one author says is so scared of being caught in public in an unflattering situation lest he be photographed eating in a restaurant holding a fork the wrong way, now finds himself into a corner.

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The Sarmiento human trafficking decision - ‘Master and slave’

The recent decision on the human trafficking case involv­ing Filipina caregiver Leticia Sarmiento is a classic example of the futility of getting justice fairly. B.C. Supreme Court Judge Richard Goepel sentenced Orr to 18 months in jail while the Crown asked for five to six years . Defense recommended a conditional sentence of two years less a day.

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Apology and reconciliation

Within days of each oth­er, two historic moments happened in Vancouver – the Walk for Reconcilia­tion on Sunday, Sept. 22 and the City of Vancou­ver’s formal apology to Japanese- Canadians on Sept. 25. As new Canadians, it is imperative that we learn and understand these events fully so that we can journey with our broth­ers and sisters in the First Nations people and Japa­nese-Canadians towards the path of reconciliation and healing.

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Quebec goes after minorities

In the guise of trying to protect all its citizens from religious impositions, the ruling Parti Québécois (PQ) seems to be going overboard with its recent proposal to amend the Quebec Charter. Instead of the supposed goal of unifying its citizenry, it looks like it is a creating a firestorm not only in the province itself but throughout the country. Ordinary citizens as well as politicians of all stripes have joined in a chorus of condemnation of the proposal.

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Pork by any other name is still pork!

pork-editorialTens of thousands Filipinos converged on the Luneta on Monday, August 26 for the Million People March to protest the pork-barrel system The attendance, although less than the million organizers hoped for, was nevertheless a formi­dable show of force. Days before the planned march, President Aquino announced he would scrap the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF), which is allotted for legislators in Congress and Senate for use in pet projects.
Public outrage against the corruption-tainted pork barrel came in the wake of exposés on the PDAF.

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