Filipinos remain most satisfied with Duterte compared to five former presidents

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  • The net satisfaction rating of the national administration of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte stands at 67 percent, which is a “very good” rating, according to a recent survey.

    The survey results were released on November 6, 2019 by the polling company Social Weather Stations or SWS.

    Compared to five previous presidents, Duterte’s national administration has the highest rating in terms of net satisfaction among Filipinos.

    SWS data tracked net satisfaction ratings starting in February 1989 during the time of then President Corazon Aquino.

    President Aquino was followed in government by the following successors: Fidel Ramos, Joseph Estrada, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, and Aquino’s son Benigno ‘Noynoy’ Aquino.

    Of all the previous presidents, Noynoy Aquino’s national administration got the closest net satisfaction rating to Duterte’s, which was 66 percent in June 2013.

    Duterte, who began his term in2016, got the highest net satisfaction rating for his national administration in June 2019 at 73 percent.

    In a news release, the SWS stated that the Third Quarter 2019 Social Weather Survey, done on September 27-30, 2019, found 77 percent of adult Filipinos satisfied, 11 percent neither satisfied nor dissatisfied, and 10 percent dissatisfied with the general performance of the current national administration.

    This represents a net satisfaction rating of +67 (% satisfied minus % dissatisfied), classified as very good.

    This is six points below the record-high excellent +73 (82% satisfied, 9% dissatisfied) in June 2019, and similar to the very good +66 in December 2018.

    The SWS terminology for net satisfaction ratings is as follows: +70 and above, “excellent”; +50 to +69, “very good”; +30 to +49, “good”; +10 to +29, “moderate”, +9 to –9, “neutral”; –10 to –29, “poor”; –30 to –49, “bad”; –50 to –69, “very bad”; –70 and below, “execrable”.

    Out of 16 specific performance subjects rated, net satisfaction ratings of the Duterte Administration were very good on three subjects, good on 11 subjects, moderate on 1 subject, and neutral on one subject.

    The net satisfaction rating of the national administration was very good on: Helping the poor (+62), Providing information needed by the citizens to properly examine what the government is doing (+54), and Having clear policies (+53).

    It was good on: Fighting terrorism (+49), Developing a healthy economy (+48), Protecting the freedom of the press (+47), Acting according to what the people want (+44), Fighting crimes that victimize ordinary citizens, like killings, holdups, robberies, physical violence, etc. (+43), Reconciliation with Muslim rebels (+40), Foreign relations (+39), Reconciliation with communist rebels (+38), Eradicating graft and corruption in government (+32), Recovering ill-gotten wealth of former Pres. Marcos and his cronies (+30), and Defending Philippine sovereignty in the West Philippine Sea (+30).

    It was moderate on Ensuring that no family will ever be hungry and have nothing to eat (+28).

    It was neutral on fighting inflation.

    The six-point decrease in the national administration’s overall net satisfaction rating was due to declines of 10 points in Mindanao, 10 points in Luzon, and 1 point in the Visayas, combined with a 12-point increase in Metro Manila.

    Net satisfaction with the national administration fell from excellent to very good in class D, or the masa, down by seven points from +73 in June 2019 to +66 in September 2019.

    It also declined from excellent to very good in class E, down by five points from +73 in June to +68 in September.

    However, it rose from very good to excellent in class ABC, up by 18 points from +60 in June to +78 in September.

    By sex, it stayed at very good +69 among men from June to September.

    However, it fell from excellent to very good among women, down by nine points from +76 in June to +65 in September.

    By age group, it fell from excellent to very good among the 18-24 year olds, down by 10 points from +70 in June to +60 in September, the 25-34 year olds, down by 8 points from +73 to +65, the 35-44 year olds, down by 13 points from +82 to +69, and the 45-54 year olds, down by 2 points from +71 to +69.

    It stayed very good among the 55 year olds and above, up by 2 points from +67 in June to +69 in September.

    By educational level, net satisfaction with the national administration fell from excellent to very good among elementary graduates, down by eight points from +72 in June to +64 in June.

    It stayed excellent among high school graduates, although down by eight points from +79 in June to +71 in September.

    It stayed very good among non-elementary graduates, up by two points from +61 in June to +63 in September.

    It also stayed very good among college graduates, unchanged at +65 from June to September.


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