Will Davis seeks to represent the New Westminster- Burnaby riding in Ottawa

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  • “I entered politics because I want to help ensure that my children will grow up in the same Canada that I grew up in”, says Will Davis, the running Liberal Party candidate for the New Westminster-Burnaby riding.

    “It has long been said that the Liberal Party of Canada is the natural governing party of Canada. I subscribe to this view. I share the Party’s core values and vision for Canada. Just as important to me is the fact the Liberal Party is the party of good governance. It’s inclusive and pragmatic in its practice.

    He adds: “It’s only with a Liberal government that Canada can become the place that I want for my children and for our collective future”.

    Will Davis has five children, ranging in ages from seventeen to two years old.

    Davis is the kind of person anybody would be very happy to have on their side. He had shown over and over again his community spirit and proven his courage to stand and speak up against adversaries when the situation calls for it. This man definitely has his heart in the right place.

    Will Davis has clocked years of volunteer work in various non-profit organizations like The Children’s Charity of BC, the Make-a-Wish Foundation, and as youth advocate for six years for Association of Youth Centres of Quebec. As well, he had served as member of the Parents Advisory Council in District 43 in Coquitlam, and as Head Basketball Coach for the Tri-City Youth Basketball Association and Tri-City Minor Ball Hockey Association. The list is almost endless.

    Davis had also run a successful business for over 12 years, was a comedian who worked as a TV producer for CBC, and reporter for both English and French television. Will Davis served as Executive Director with not for profit organizations, working with Veterans and the Men and Women of the Armed Forces, Abbotsford Arts Council, and lastly, the Multicultural Helping House Society (MHHS) in Vancouver.

    It’s his job at the MHHS that brought Will Davis’ name into the realm of Filipino-Canadian consciousness in Vancouver. Will Davis resigned from his job after a year of working at the immigrant serving agency, after hearing about allegations of conflicts of interest, mismanagement, and inappropriate business transactions levelled by caregivers and former staff against some of the MHHS leaders.

    “I have discovered evidence that makes it clear that my attempts to bring transparency to the affairs of the MHHS”, Davis told the Georgia Straight, “are going to be resisted on all fronts and will lead to the termination of my contract.”

    Davis decided to resign from his job right away but stayed around to help the caregivers speak out about the harassment, intimidation and exclusion they experienced from the MHHS group whenever they refused to toe the line. He approached Mable Elmore, MLA for Vancouver-Kensington, for help. The MHHS offices are located in Elmore’s riding. Together they presented the problems to the larger Filipino-Canadian community in Vancouver. Former members of the MHHS Board and many people in the community were not surprised. It was something they have known or suspected all along. They couldn’t talk about it because they worried that no one would believe them.

    What Will Davis had done in this case was break the conspiracy of silence surrounding the accusations against a very influential, very popular adversary in the Filipino community, even if it cost him his job.

    “I believe the caregivers, and I stand by them,” he told the press.

    What does Davis think about allowing foreign caregivers to enter Canada through an open visa?

    His response: “About time!”

    Will Davis’ message to the residents of New Westminster- Burnaby riding:

    “I have served all Canadians including Seniors and youth. I have worked in the arts, with the indigenous, the women and men of the Armed Forces, with new Canadians in settlement and immigration services. I have lived in Burnaby since I moved to BC.

    “As an artist, I launched my career at Lafflines in New West. I owned and operated a small business here for 12 years.

    “New West-Burnaby needs a Liberal occupying the seat. This riding needs the voice of the governing party in Ottawa. I work with new Canadians in this riding and I want to support their needs for housing, services and opportunity. I want to serve a growing community as many young working Canadians and young families move into this riding. I believe I am the right person at the right time to take on the sitting MP and offer a better choice.”

    In keeping with his past experiences as a volunteer, Davis plans to prioritize work with youth, seniors and New Canadians. And specifically wants to be a strong advocate for a long overdue Filipino Community Centre!(Crisanta Magnaye Sampang)









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