Neil Frank Ferrer takes over from Ampeso as new Vancouver Consul General

NeilFrankA new Consul General is tak­ing over the post of current con­sul Jose Ampeso who is retiring after two years in Vancouver. In 2011 he was nominated by the Philippine government for the post of Secretary Gener­al of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), the United Nations agency for maritime safety, a post won by Mr. Koji Sekimizu of Japan. At the time, Ferrer was chair­man of the Maritime Safety Committee (MSC), the IMO senior technical body for maritime safety and security.

Ampeso figured in a contro­versy last year when a complaint was filed against him allegedly for ‘rude’ behaviour while conduct­ing a consular mission in Red Deer, Alberta. The video taken at that event went viral and Ampeso was re­called to the home office for an investigation. He came back earlier this year but no report was released re­garding the investigation.

Consul General Ampeso ar­rived and assumed his duties as Philippine Consul General in Van­couver on 16 June 2011 and is due to retire next June. He was previously assigned as Vice Consul at the Philippine Consulate General in New Or­leans, Louisiana in 1982. Then he was transferred as Second Secre­tary to the Philippine Embassy in Lima, Peru and the Philippine Consulate General in Vancouver from 1987 to 1990. He was awarded the title as UN Expert on a personal capac­ity by the Executive Committee of the Montreal Protocol from 1995 to 1997. He also served as Minister and Political Officer at the Philippine Embassy in Sin­gapore and served as Charge d’ Affaires in Abu Dhabi. Before coming to Vancouver he was formerly Minister and Charge d’ Affaires in the Philippine Em­bassy in Caracas, Venezuela for three and a half years.

In the Department of Foreign Affairs in Manila, he served in various capacities as Director for Environment, Director for Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States in the Office of Middle East and African Affairs and Special As­sistant in the Office of the Sec­retary of Foreign Affairs.