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Philippine Tapestry show to dazzle Vancouver on August 20

It takes a Philippine ambassador of fashion, Rene Salud, to come
up with “Philippine Tapestry” – an initiative to take Philippine
ethnic fabric designs to mainstream haute couture. It aims to
highlight all the major weaves of the island of Mindanao, in an effort
to promote indigenous fibers and the age old artistry tradition of
Philippine weaving.

The “Philippine Tapestry” collection will provide Canadians a rare opportunity
of taking a peek into various aspects of the Philippines: its rich culture, beautiful
destinations, eclectic music & dance; and, of course, fashion designs by the legendary Rene

Fondly called “Mama Rene”, Salud’s “Philippine Tapestry” produces ethnic garments with
international appeal, or as he calls it, “neoethnic” creations. He advocates for the use
of indigenous materials in all his fashion shows to project a distinct “Philippine Look.”
He adheres to the preservation of the weaves of Cordillera (Igorot fabric), Bicol
(abaca), Visayas (piña) and Mindanao (t’nalak, inaul, yakan, Mindanao silk, and pissyabit).

Salud produces intricate designs representing fashion statement on the exotic and regional influences
of various indigenous regions. He takes pride in producing styles akin to Filipino cultural heritage that dates
back from the Spanish times. Such are evident in combining intricate beadwork over native textiles. Designs by
Rene Salud have won global critical acclaim from international design expositions in key fashion capitals of
the world.

The “Philippine Tapestry” neo-ethnic runway collection will certainly enhance one’s titillation to the tangible
attributes of Philippine cultural heritage via indigenous fabrics and designs.

Catch the “Philippine Tapestry” on tour in the following key Canadian cities and dates:

• Vancouver : August 20
• T o r o n t o: August 24 & 26
• M o n t r e a l : August 29
• C a l g a r y : September 1

The Vancouver leg is another quality project of the United Filipino Canadian Associations of British
Columbia (UFCABC).

It will be held at The Pipe Shop in North Vancouver. The Pipe Shop at the Shipyards is a spectacular 9,300
sq. ft. restored heritage building on the City’s Waterfront.

“ Philippine Tapestry” is brought to you by the Philippine Department of Tourism, Philippine
Tourism Promotions Board and Philippine Airlines. In partnership with the Philippine Independence Day
Council, Federation of Filipino Canadian Association of Québec, United Filipino Canadian Associations
in British Columbia and the Philippine Festival Council of Alberta.
photo by: “JM Ching, Blogger”