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Promoting our Pilipino Traditions – Our Common Responsibility

Parol making is one of our popular tradition that is dear to all Filipinos. Group together with Simbang Gabi, Christmas Carolling, Puto bung-bong, and Noche Buena, they make our Christmas celebration something to look forward to with excitement and eager anticipation. The Multicultural Helping House Society (MHHS), realize the importance of preserving and promoting this precious tradition that is why we are organizing again this parolmaking contest.

Last year’s competition was very successful in spite of our late start. Prices of $500, $300 and $200 dollars were awarded to the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd best winning entries in the parol making competition. As promised, the 3 best parols were delivered to the cities of Richmond, Surrey and Vancouver, as our Christmas gifts to those government officials on behalf of the Filipino community. These gifts were warmly received and acknowledged.

This year, we will start early so we can reach out to more or, hopefully, all Filipino civic & church organizations in Vancouver and the lower mainland and invite all of them to be a part of this project. Promoting our Philippines cultural tradition is a goal that we can all share and agree on to work together side by side for the good of our community. We owe this to ourselves and especially to the next generations of Filipinos to keep our traditions alive and promote them so they don’t die a natural death and be lost forever.

Again, we are inviting all Filipino Organizations & individuals, young and old to join us in this friendly competition to produce & create the best parol ever and win this contest. Please encourage your members and friends to participate. The more, the merrier.

We will launch this contest at the Pinoy Fiesta, Hirit ng Tag-init celebration on August 9. MHHS Sampaguita Seniors will have a booth where both adults and kids will be taught how to make parols. Tools will be provided by MHHS.

We will be calling on all Filipino leaders and members to consult on how we, together, can make this undertaking successful this year and the years to come. If we are not able to reach you, please call MHHS office at (604) 879-3277 or email for more information.