The Nominations is now open for Maharlika Awards 2015

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  • The Nominations and Selection Board of the Filipino Canadian Cultural Heritage Society has opened nominations for the 2014 Maharlika Awards. The Maharlika Awards is an annual prize- giving event that honours the achievements and social contributions of outstanding members of the Filipino Canadian community. The 2014 awards will be handed out in a gala dinner celebration to be held at the Hilton Vancouver Metrotown (6083 McKay Avenue, Burnaby) on January31, 2015 Nominations are welcome until December 22, 2014.

    The Nominations and Selection Board is chaired by retired businessman Romeo Mercado. Its members are Laila Pires, Perla de Peralta, Salvacion Dayao, and Mike Calingo.

    Members of the Nominations and Selection Board are all previous recipients of the Maharlika Awards in recognition of their accomplishments as business leaders, community leaders, and arts and culture personalities.

    The board works independently of the Filipino Canadian Cultural Heritage Society, organizer of the Maharlika Awards, to ensure that the selection of awardees are done objectively and without undue influence.

    This arrangement guarantees that the integrity of the Maharlika Awards, the most presitigious prize for achivement given to members of the community. Individual categories are the Maharlika Awards for Arts&Culture, and Leadership and Community Service. Other categories are for Outstanding Filipino organizations, and the Entrepreneur/Business category.

    Click here to download of nomination form.

    In recognition of valuable pioneering work, leadership achievements in various fields, and exemplary community service, the Filipino Canadian Cultural Heritage Society of British Columbia gives honour to various individuals and organizations in British Columbia.

    The FCCHS believes that by highlighting the accomplishments of these achievers to the Filipino Canadian community, it will serve as inspiration to many and propel them to strive to be the best in what they do, discover new horizons for success, and set the pace for other members of the community to emulate.

    The Filipino, with all his and her traits, values and cultural heritage, molded and developed as the summation of the talents of its forebears, has the ability to adapt to any situation, livelihood and people.

    The Filipino is, as we often say, “resilient as a bamboo”. He and she will bend by the blow of the wind of change, but will stand up again to firmness and resolute stability. He and she learn quickly, and innovates in the process. The Filipino observes quietly, memorize and begin to imitate, then harness his new found knowledge, until at the end, he or she has his own original creation. This perseverance and passion to excel is the heart and soul of the Maharlika Awards.

    It is through this award and recognition that we wish to see the common “Filipino” transform to become noble heroes of the society where they belong. The Filipino Canadian community, with its ever growing presence in British Columbia, has a lot of these “heroes-in-the-making”.

    Through the years, their solid achievements and  community service will serve as their legacy for the young generation of Filipinos and immigrants still to come.

    These are the Selection Criteria for the potential winners of the Maharlika Awards –Individual Categories.
    Potential recipients of this award must be of good moral character, free from any derogatory background, has no existing/pending legal case or police record, is not the subject of complaints, accusations of wrongdoing, or being a party thereof or known related to by inclusion or association with questionable wrongdoings in the community. He/She must maintain a good reputation in the entire community “Sining at Kultura”

    (The Maharlika Award for Arts & Culture)
    The criteria forwinning this individual award includes:
    1. Excellence as an artist in the field of Arts (i.e. music, literary, painting, dance, culinary, acting, sculpture, film directing, graphic design, entertainment, media, etc.) whose achievement has been recognized publicly or accorded respect and honor by an awarding body;
    2. Individual artistic talent also serves to promote the Filipino Culture, traditions, and its noble heritage, and such achievement in his/her field makes every Filipino proud of his origin;

    (The Maharlika Award for Leadership)
    The criteria for winning this individual award includes: 1. Leadership recognition by his position in government, private/public institution, i.e. educational, business, civic, political, etc., or as head/leader/ pioneering member of a Filipino organization, earning the respect and honor of its members; 2. The potential recipient of the award has accomplished exemplary work, performed an enormous task, or has been instrumental in doing something worthy of great recognition from his/ her peers, the public, the government or a respected institution, or the community; “Paglilingkod sa Kapwa”

    (The Maharlika Award For Community Service)
    The criteria for winning this individual award includes:
    1. Exemplary service to the Filipino community in whatever capacity
    that characterizes unselfish devotion to his/her role in the society, compassionate and honest work for his/her fellow “kababayans”, going the extra mile to serve, and whose sacrifice and performance is recognized with grateful appreciation by the people that he/she serves;
    2. The potential recipient of this award also enjoy the respect and great accolade of the public for being an active member/worker of whatever nature or function in service to the community for a substantial period of time, and quality of performance as the board deems worthy of recognition.

    These are Selection Criteria for the potential winners of the Maharlika Awards – Filipino Associations and Business Entity Categories.
    Potential award recipient Filipino Organization  or Business entity must not have been engaged in any illegal activities, with leaders and members possessing good moral character, free from any derogatory background, has no existing/ pending legal case or police record, is not the subject of complaints, accusations of wrongdoing, or being a party thereof or known related to by inclusion or association with questionable wrong doings in the community.
    “Buklod, Pagkakaisa at Lakas ng Samahang Pilipino”

    (The Maharlika Award For Outstanding Filipino Associations)
    The criteria for winning this Group award includes:
    1. The association must be duly registered as an active Filipino organization, whether a Society, profit or non-profit group of good standing, and has been operating in the province of British Columbia for a minimum period of five (5) years.
    2. The potential recipient organization of this award is also a recognized institution in the community by way of its pioneeringaccomplishments, dedicated service towards the upliftment and benefit of its members, involvement in projects that promote the well-being of Filipinos in general, and/or may have received various recognition for the organization’s achievements in the society; “Galing at Husay Sa Pangangalakal”

    (The Maharlika Award For Entrepreneural/Business Excellence)
    The criteria for winning this Group award includes:
    1. The business entity must be duly registered, and still currently operating in the province of British Columbia, and has been doing business for a minimum period of five (5) years or more.
    2. The potential recipient of this award is also a recognized business institution currently employing Filipino workers, earning the prestige and commercial recognition from the business community, its customers, and has given pride and honor for the Filipino community with their quality of products and excellent service.



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